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Website Traffic & Conversions

We believe that the “success” of a website is based on two important elements. Which are how the website meets the strategic goal of the business objective that it was planned for and how effectively those results measure up to the operational objectives of the client. Each business has its own set of unique needs that must be met by the website to ensure success.

Although, it’s worth mentioning that some types of industries, products, and services may have a longer buyer process and path to conversion. In these situations, it’s important to boost website traffic to the website to increase awareness and provide answers to the questions that your target audience is asking. In the case study, our objective was to boost website traffic and increase form submissions.


In this study, our client was having difficulty driving traffic to their website. Using Google Analytics, we established a baseline measurement of the current website traffic.

After performing an audit of their website and correcting technical flaws, we started to implement a custom SEO strategy that ultimately improved their website traffic, rankings for profitable keywords, and significantly increased conversion rates.

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